Robbie Zereka makes alternative pop-infused performance art, drawing on influences such as experimental pop, alternative rock, cabaret, trip-hop, and art rock. Along with creating concepts and imagery for his self-produced music videos, Zereka co-designs the costumes, headpieces, and masks used to bring his other-worldly characters and alter egos to life.
Since taking a performance degree at the British Institute of Modern Music, he has collaborated with the charity SANE to advocate for mental health awareness and was chosen to perform at LoveBN1Fest as a part of the 2018 Brighton Pride celebrations.

Alienation and a thirst for connection form the basis of Zereka’s work, which pushes the boundaries of the conventional rock or pop performance, using theatrical devices and costumery to tell stories. Delivering tales of resistance from a “dystopian present-day”, Zereka’s work reflects a yearning for truth and togetherness in a world driven by ideological tribalism, divisive media narratives, and enforced stereotypes.